'Seaweed' Summer Nail Art

Friday, 1 August 2014


Oh dear. I may have recently been gnawing at my nails again leaving me with bitten stubs of varying lengths. Here goes attempt number 2 at painting them nicely so hopefully it's easier to resist the odd nibble. 

Last week I purchased 3 Barry M Gelly Nail Paints (£3.99 and currently buy 1 get 2nd half price at Boots) in Lychee, Blueberry and Sugar Apple so I also used this as an opportunity to try them all out. I used Lychee as the base colour and was so impressed that despite its nude shade it was entirely opaque after 2 coats and maybe even could have got away with just 1! Ontop of this, I used a stripper brush dipped into Blueberry, Sugar Apple and a Christmas glitter Essie polish to make a 'whoosh' shape from the tip towards the nail bed. The end result: something that kind of resembles glamorous seaweed. 

This was super easy to do as I didn't apply much precision and although it would work better on longer nails in terms of being able to vary the shapes more, I still think it's effective on my stumps. I also think it turned out looking very Summer appropriate and would be ideal if you have a beach holiday planned.
Lara xo

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