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Monday, 4 August 2014


 The other day I signed up to become a member at my local gym, thinking if I'm paying in advance I'll definitely go because I don't want to be wasting the money. I've was never into sport and absolutely despised P.E and games lessons at school especially hockey - it was often cold, wet and I lived in fear that when I inevitably fell over the astro turf would just tear my skin to shreds. However, I've always loved dancing so classes such as Zumba I definitely plan on taking advantage of. I've also done yoga before so want to continue that as I find it great for relaxation and think its so beneficial to just take some time to focus on your breathing for a while and (attempt to) clear your mind.
In terms of the actual gym bit, the running, the cycling, the resistance machines, admittedly it's not something I'm looking forward to but as I'm taking a gap year I really want to give it a go an accept it as a personal challenge, setting small goals and hopefully achieving them. What I particularly like about my gym is the walls are covered with motivational quotes such as the ones pictured. I think they're great to keep in mind both for working out and for just general life. My favourite is 'It's not about being the best, it's about being better than you were yesterday' as it's definitely something I often forget.
What are some of your favourite motivational quotes?
Lara xo

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