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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Little Miss Bradshaw

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I love finding places that offer something a little more unique than standard high street retailers, therefore when I found Little Miss Bradshaw on Instagram, straightaway I went to the website to see what was available. In the 'About Us' section of the site she describes how she always hunted for clothes to represent a unique personality or could never quite find perfect statement pieces, so that was what she setup her online boutique with the intention of fulfilling, and I really think she's done just that. There's such a wide and great selection of pieces which all have a little added interest to them and are different then what you'd find in the typical stores without being overly outrageous. Her are some of my favourite items which are definitely tempting me at the moment!

All Dressed in White ($63 = £37.47)
I surprisingly don't actually own a maxi dress; I find they can look overdone and over complicated, plus I'd had to take the length up a fair bit anyway. However, this is so pretty and elegant making it perfect for a variety of occasions and the crotchet detailing gives it a real summer vibe.

Rio Grande Crop Top ($49.99 = £29.75)
Although the Aztec print is quite common and on trend at the moment, I think the shape of this crop top and the positioning of the pattern makes it look more unique. The colouring also makes it very versatile when trying to pair with a bottom half.

A Daisy Girl ($49.99 = £29.75)
Obviously the print is just adorable on these shorts and completely ideal for summer, but what I like most is that they look so much comfier than what you'd find on the high street; they're not quite as tight and therefore a bit more flattering if you're not blessed with modelesque pins.

A White Affair ($62.00 = £36.88) and Bold and Beautiful Dress ($68.99 = £41.05)
I think the white dress has such an interesting hemline yet the pattern is subtle enough to still make it quite understated. Similarly the red dress may be bold but it's design makes it casual enough for everyday wear. It would be perfect either as a beach cover up or a Summer daytime date.

A Dainty Ruffle Crop Top ($46.00 = £27.36)
This is definitely dainty as the name says and a staple kind of piece that will go with anything. Unlike lots of other similar crop tops, whilst it is flowy at the front it's tight and elasticated at the back giving it a bit more shape. It avoids the issue I sometimes find that when a crop top's generally baggy it can hang off me unflatteringly.

There were so many other items I could've picked out so be sure to have a good browse of the website as I think there's something for everyone. 

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Which of these pieces is your favourite?
Lara xo

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