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Monday, 11 August 2014

My Favourite Freebie Sites

Who doesn't love free stuff? Especially when there's minimal effort involved. And beauty samples are especially handy to have both for smaller travel options or to avoid spending money on a product you turn out not to like. There are lots of websites out there offering links to freebies, however my favourite and the ones I regularly check are Free Samples UK and Magic Freebies UK

Both websites are very similar both in design and links they have available, I just prefer to check both as sometimes an offer will only be advertised on one. Products aren't just limited to beauty either, for example I've received free mini recipe books before. However, my favourite freebies are perfume sample vials which are great for handbags or if you're particular bout scents like me and foundation/BB cream testers so you get a better idea of the shade. Both also advertise competitions where either one considerably larger prize can be won or when there's a limited number of full-size products. I check the sites as well to find out what magazine freebies are available that month.

Now by no means is there a regular stream of great free sample offers and it tends to go in waves as to when companies are pushing new products, but both sites are updated daily or can be browsed by category. I've personally signed up to receive an email each day letting me know what's available and then just pick and choose as I want. 

For very little time and effort I definitely think it's worth checking these sites as why miss out on the opportunity to sample something free. It also keeps at bay the desire to try new products without causing any damage to your savings!

Have you used these or any other freebie sites before?
Lara xo

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  1. I really love freebie hunting glad sites like, it makes it a lot easier to find freebies :) Also really like &


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