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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Indiegogo Campaign

Whilst browsing the internet today, following the path of links and just generally having an explore, I came across this campaign led by the brand Iconemesis on Indiegogo. My first thought: those are the cutest and uniquest cases ever, I want one. My second thought: oh wait, I don't have an iPhone . . .

Iconemesis is a British brand that works with independent artists and illustrators to create artistic looking designs. They do currently only offer cases compatible with the iPhone 5 and 5s through Indiegogo but  iPhone 4 and 4s cases can be found on their website and there are apparently plans to expand this range in the future and As well as looking beautiful, they also claim to be functional ensuring protectionfor your phone from everyday clumsiness.

Indiegogo is a site where anyone can start a campaign with the intention of funding an idea. People can donate money either via card or Paypal and in return receive a 'perk'. Iconemesis are looking to raise money for materials, company expansion and marketing with its featured perk being donate $20 (£11.89) and receive a choice of case from 15 designs (see them all here) with free delivery worldwide. However, any amount of money can be donated so there's no pressure if you're on a budget.

I really appreciate individual looking artwork like this and always think its interesting to be able to follow and support companies who are just starting out but may be huge in the future. Believe me, if i had an iPhone I would definitely want one of these on it. My favourite are the rabbit designs, especially the one in the cupcake. Which would you pick?
Lara xo

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