How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

Friday, 27 June 2014

The task we all hate . . . 

Everyone despises it when the time comes and your brushes are looking a little grubbier than they should, but in the interests of hygiene, it's something that needs to be done. In a quest to find something that would make brush cleaning a little more entertaining, I stumbled across Sigma's 'Spa Brush Cleaning Glove' which promised to be a quick, easy and effective method. However, at $35 and being a brand hard to get in the UK I began to search elsewhere. Of course I turned to eBay, the glorious home of cheap alternatives, where I found a Silicone Oven Glove with the same textured surface and costing only £1.99 plus 99p for postage. I decided there was nothing to lose.

Along with the glove I use a basic shampoo. This is an Alberto Balsam Shampoo which can be picked up for 99p here . I start by laying out my brushes on the toilet lid (classy, I know), putting them in the groups I plan to wash them in, so faces brushes, eye brushes, smaller brushes etc.

I take about 4 brushes at a time and damp them all under a running hot tap. I then squeeze some shampoo onto the glove and individually swirl them in it, rinsing and repeating until the shampoo remains white. The glove is excellent as not only does it stop you burning your hand when the tap starts running too hot and prevent your hands from drying out with all the water and scrubbing, but the lumps and bumps on it really getting into the bristles providing a deep clean with minimal effort.

 The Sigma version has a specific grooved  'shaping' section between the thumb and fingers, however I settle for just using that area to squeeze out any excess water so my brushes dry quicker and then just shape with my fingers.

For drying, I like to lie my brushes flat so that water doesn't seep into the section where the bristle are attached. I use just ice cream tubs lids with a piece of kitchen roll in each. I normally let them air dry, but if you're in a rush I recommend either using a hairdryer or placing them in the airing cupboard.

Overall, I love this cleaning glove and for the price is it definitely not one to miss. It even adds a bit of novelty into an otherwise extremely tedious task!
Lara xo

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