Wednesday, 18 June 2014

" 'Salutations,' it's just my fancy way of saying hello or good morning. " 

~ E.B.White, Charlotte's Web

Today marked both my 18th birthday and my last exam - I have now completed A-Levels!!!!! *takes moment to compose self*

Being unsuccessful at gaining a place at drama college this time, today also means I have officially started my gap year, hopefully not to become gaps years. I want to use this little space on the internet to document my experiences and as a hobby to relax, as I prepare to face proper 'grown-up' life (whilst still looking like a 12 year old).
It's always difficult to know what to write in a first blog post but I promise I'll get better with practice. For now, let's just see where this journey takes us!
Bon voyage, arrivederci, and all that jazz,
Lara xo

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