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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Shabby Chic Letter Rack

I store all my make up at the back of my desk using this letter rack/desk organiser that I picked up quite cheaply from TK Maxx. Although this wouldn't have been it's original design purpose I love it because of its compact size and different compartments.

The main section is split into 3; a longer section at the front and the same divided into 2 at the back. In one side I keep all my brushes, including the bags I use when travelling with them, and in the other I store my everyday make up including mascara, concealer, bronzer and eyelash curlers. In the longer front section I have a bag with all my mac make up in, then to the right of it my lip crayons.

What's great about this desk tidy is that is also has a drawer where I can neatly store away other products such as spare mascaras, lip products and varying pencils.

To the right of my main storage I have palettes and make up bags as well as more everyday products that wouldn't fit (foundation, lip balm, translucent powder and an Elf blush). I also have a Ted Baker tin that I picked up from eBay which has smaller sample sized products that have come with other purchases or are magasine freebies.

Although I am almost reaching the point of running out of room, I currently love the look of this set up. It doesn't take up much room but still allows me plenty of options for separating different products.
Lara xo

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