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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Handmade Cards

Wow it's been a long time since I've just sat down and drew. I used to love sketching and being creative but after 2 years of GCSE Art and a year of AS Art it ended up being more of a burden. However, as I was saying goodbye to my dance teachers today in preparation for leaving for uni, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make something a little more special and personal. I was so pleased with how this turned out; I started with some crumpled brown paper from a package, did a rough pencil sketch then added detail using water colour pencils. I then stuck the design to a folded piece of plain white card and added a border with biro. I love how the texture and colour of the brown paper make the whole thing look a little more rustic.

Interestingly, whilst I was doing this, I remembered I'd done a very similar drawing when I was in year 10, so around the age 14. I've always thought ballet shoes were beautiful to draw. At the time I thought that this was one of my most amazing pieces of work ever and I was so proud of it, but now, looking back, I realise just how much I've improved.

One day, I'd love to set up a little online store selling cards that are a little different from what you'd find in a card shop, so let me know if you'd be interested in this. 
Here's to drawing just for fun again in the future!
Lara xo


  1. Love this, such a lovely drawing! My nanny hand makes all her cards and they're beautiful, keep at it. Hobbycraft have some gorgeous bits for it too.

    Catherine xx

    1. Thank you :) Hobbycraft is just a land I can get lost in for hours! xx


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