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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Instantly lengthen lashes by up to 5mm?

The Magnifibres Brush-On False Eyelashes came in the Glamour Beauty Edit box from Latest in Beauty which is still available here however can also be purchased separately here. The product claims to extend your own lashes by up to 5mm without the glue and fuss of false lashes. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Apply your own mascara
Step 2 - Immediately apply a coat of Magnifibres
Step 3 - Wait 30-60 seconds then apply a second coat of your mascara to cover the white fibres

Having been using this consistently for a week now, I've found that the results do vary depending on the formula of the mascara. Wetter textures such as Benefit's They're Real I've found give better results as more of the white fibres cling to the lashes. It's easiest to do one eye at a time so the mascara doesn't dry, however I would sometimes say it's been hard to get my lashes to exactly match with one eye applying better then showing better results. I've had no white fall out from the fibres and have always managed to completely cover them without it altering the blackness of the mascara. However, once of twice my eyes have felt slightly itchy for a minute after application before I blink and clear them. 

In terms of lengthening, I think it's great compared to natural lashes but that there isn't too much of an obvious difference when compared to 2 coats of a lengthening mascara again like They're Real as shown below.

Left - natural, Right - coat of They're Real followed by Magnifibres followed by another coat of They're Real

Left - 2 coats They're Real, Right - Magnifibres as above

However, using Magnifibres does make it considerably easier to achieve this same length without the worry of clumping. I would say it gets the same results but in much less time and effort than simply layering mascara. I always find the tips of my lashes look more fluttery and separated than the mess I can sometimes end up in using just mascara. Yet it also doesn't make my lashes look tip heavy, instead evenly adding volume throughout.

It wears perfectly all day with no transferring onto my lids or with any black bits dropping down. Removing it I also have no issue with as it doesn't really feel any different from normal mascara and I haven't found my lashes to fall out which is always a worry. 

Overall, for me it is much less of a faff than I originally expected it to be so is definitely something than can be either incorporated into an everyday routine or the steps repeated multiple times for a special occasion. Photos of the product itself as well as the other items included in the Glamour Beauty Edit can be found in this post.
Lara xo

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