Upside Down French Braid Ponytail

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Prom Prep #3

I love having my hair in a high ponytail - it's just something I find easy, flattering and comfortable and what I consider to be very 'me'. However, as much as I wanted to just throw my hair up in its messy home for prom, I opted for a slightly fancier variation.

I first curled my hair using my Remington Pearl Curl Wand (a must-have tool for stubbornly straight hair) and then by flipping my hair forwards, I french braided upwards securing it all in my favorite high ponytail. Of course this would've looked more detailed and intricate if I had blonde of highlighted hair, like the pictures I'd seen on Google, but we had to make do.

(Although it now looks like my efforts were wasted, I am the type who like have their hair over their shoulders, so I would've pulling it forward during the night.)

I think some form of up-do is perfect for a strapless dress as well as allowing me to showoff my last minute earrings purchase from literally the day before prom.

Sigh, how I miss feeling like a princess already.
Lara xo

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