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Friday, 4 July 2014

Prom Prep #2

I initially had huge visions of doing something intricate yet delicate for my leavers' ball to match the effort I'd put in creating this butterfly design for my prom 2 years ago. 

However, it just was too much for the very classic style dress I had chosen and even the white tips I was attempting looked glaringly fake and tacky. Despite this I do still want to share a little trick that I put to the test, which is using the little white ring hole reinforce stickers designed for filing paper. By cutting the stickers in half and then using one for each nails the rounded edge creates the perfect guide for a neat tip. Simply paint white (or any colour), ensure you wait until fully dry, and then gently peel the sticker away leaving a neat, crisp edge.

In the end I opted for a nude colour base by NYC followed by a subtle glitter top coat by OPI. Whilst not quite as exciting as I originally intended, I think the end result oozed elegance, especially against my Accesorize navy clutch bag . Shame it just took me 2 hours of indecision before I reached this point!
Lara xo

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