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Thursday, 17 July 2014

If I Were a Rich (Wo)Man . . . 


As a post birthday treat, I took a trip to London yesterday for a show, meal and a spot of shopping. Admittedly, most of it was a case of just looking, however with another trip to London planned for next week and an ever increasing wish list, the prospects for my bank card aren't looking too good. Living in a town with limited shopping facilities, I found myself drowning in the huge array of stores along Oxford Street and here are some highlights that may just be finding their way into my home.

1)  One store I particularly wanted to visit was Victoria's Secret having lusted over American bloggers' hauls for ages. I was specifically looking for sportswear (new gym clothes are always a motivation to get back to it) but for the prices I was very reluctant to buy anything despite wanting the adorable trademark pink shopping bag I'd seen everyone with. Whilst looking for alternatives, I found the H&M sportswear collection which isn't stocked at my local store and I must say I was pretty impressed. This pair of grey running shorts were a particular favourite.I especially liked that they are lined with a contrasting pink tighter inner short and for £14.99 are definitely a cheaper option.

2)  From looking online at shades, I've really felt a desperate need for a Nars duo but when I saw this 
at the counter I thought it was the perfect colour combination. It's called Kuala Lumper and reminds me of the hyped Estée Lauder raisins duo I was always gutted I never got my hands on. The lighter shade is a rose gold colour and would be ideal for a subtle lid option whilst the other is an aubergine-y purple  that would really bring out blue/green tones in eyes. Out of my wish list I think this is the item I really want the most.

3)  This Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in bronze for me is just the perfect summer multi-use item. From swatching the shades I think they would equally work well as individual eye shadows as well as using it to create an overall glow as intended. My only concern would be whether it would appear too bronze on my very pale skin.

4) I've never been a perfume fan, always being far too fussy that it was too sweet, too lingering, too floral, too masculine ... In fact I don't even own a single bottle, only small sample vials that I'll use if I feel in the right mood. Of course, I was first drawn to the packaging of this (admit it, we're all a sucker for the appearance of products sometimes) but I'm so glad this drew me into taking a sniff as it really does smell divine. Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs just had the most subtly 'pretty' scent which isn't too much or too little of anything. I had to spend the rest of the day resisting walking around with my wrist glued to my nose. This is definitely an unexpected item on my wish list, but one that if not bought, will almost certainly be making an appearance on my Christmas list (too soon? Maybe . . . ) 

5) Finally something that there's been a lot of hype about; the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner. When I first saw this released I thought nahhh, I don't need that, I do just fine with my drugstore pot of gel liner and little brush, however then the lady at the Benefit counter cast her magic spell and now I feel it creates such a perfect, precise and even line that it would make the whole eyeliner chore so much simpler. If you've tried this, please tell me, as I want to know whether it was just her training which made this look so easy or if it actually is!

I think wish lists are great; they help you remember everything you saw but give you the time to consider if you still want them later on. I personally keep a list in my phone whenever I see something which also lets me compare whether I really want a new item so much more than another product that may already be on there. 

With the plan being to go to Westfield's on Monday, hopefully I'll be ticking things of my wish list and not just adding to it!
Lara xo

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