Social Media Phobia?

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Terrified of Twitter

Oh the irony. 3 months into blogging and I can just about manage to publish a post without my heart racing, but dealing with social media still terrifies. I'm not sure if there's a proper word for this phobia, but if there is I would be the epitome.

So today I created a twitter account for this little space on the internet that I've been sheltering and nurturing however probably also restricting from actually being seen. I don't know why, but even making it I started getting shaky and my insides had a little nervous dance. Please tell me someone, just anyone, can relate to this?

Either way I bit the bullet so if you want to find me over there and laugh at inevitable embarrassing moments to come click this link and press the follow button before it runs away to hide. I'd also love to be actually able to see who's reading this as google analytics scarily assures me a fair few of you are, and if you have blogs yourself, please leave your link below and I'll be sure to have a good nose!

Right then, cringey post out of the way . . . Until next time. 
Lara xo


  1. Twitter used to freak me out too, I know exactly how you feel! I tend to worry whether I'm posting the right thing or not, especially when it comes to promoting my blog. You're not on your own! xx


    1. Glad to know someone's in the same boat! xx


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