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Thursday, 4 September 2014


With the prospect of leaving home looming, even if for only 10 week terms at a time, I've recently become obsessed with browsing homeware sites. Forever in my quest of looking for things a bit different, here's some quick inspiration of unique items that I've added to my ever growing wishlist.

Who doesn't want a sloth above their bed telling them they look great every morning? End of. 

(however, if I did have endless money I would not only buy this but almost everything on their entire website - if quirky arty stuff is your thing, this is the site for you)

Whilst on first sight not a particularly quirky item, anyone who has tried looking for ballet themed decor that's not designed for a kid's room will realise it can be quite rare. This is classy and elegant but would definitely add a bit of character.

I saw something a little like this in a little craft shop whilst in Swanage and never thought I'd find anything like it again, but panic over, google didn't fail me. The design really does make a usually very boring and basic item become interesting and unique.

Admittedly this is from the kid's room section but who doesn't love something both cute and practical. It's fairly spacious too being 19cm tall and 22cm wide. It really is the ears and embroidered nose that do it for me though.

'Tin of Denial' and 'Money That I Used to Have' are, I'm sure, very relatable phrases for lots of people. It also is again very useful and has the potential to stop us simply hoarding receipts in our handbags. This would make a very witty gift for someone moving away to uni.

So which of these is your favourite? Also feed my addiction and let me know of any sites you know that are full of quirky things. Until then, back to my browsing I go!
Lara xo

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