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Friday, 5 September 2014


With the Naked 2 Basics Palette on the horizon, I've been obsessively using the original, both in anticipation and with the inkling it's soon to be replaced! The Naked Basics Palette is a neutral eyeshadow staple in lots of people's collections, perfect for both travel and subtle every day wear, however I find myself using it for a lot more than simply glamming up my eyelids and if that means more bang for my buck I'm certainly not complaining.

As the one shimmery shade in the palette, Venus predictably works great as a highlight, both on the cheek bones and Cupid's bow. I also love to use it under other matte eyshadows to create a slightly shimmery base and add more dimension.

Foxy is probably my least used in the palette as I find it simply a more yellow based alternative to W.O.S whose pink tones work better on my skin. So if you've got any ideas for this one please let me know!

My favourite is W.O.S which I find I use for almost every makeup look. It's a great 'nothing' colour on me for helping to blend out other shades and diffusing harsh lines. I particularly like sweeping it just under my lower lash line on a pencil brush when I've used a black eyeliner or shadow along the lashes as it helps soften the look.

For pale skin tones, Naked 2 is the perfect contour colour as it's not warm or oranged toned like lots of bronzers can appear. I particularly like using it just under my bottom lip in the dippy bit to create a natural looking shadow and an illusion of fuller lips.

Faint on a small angled brush is all I ever use to do my brows. It provides enough pigmentation to define them but being a shadow instead of a pencil stops them looking harsh or overdone.

I use Crave as an eyeliner more often than my Maybelline gel eyeliner or any liquid eyeliner. I find it so quick and almost impossible to mess up. I simply push it into my lashes using my favourite BareMinerals full edged liner brush (which I've just realised with horror seems to have ceased to exist so I best not lose it!) which does the job perfectly. It's ideal for when you're running late or just can't really be bothered with the unpredictability of proper eyeliner.

I can't wait for the Naked 2 Basics and hopefully it'll be a versatile as this. I'd really like to make this into a kind of series, hence why I've called it number 1, as it definitely makes a product better value money when you find multiple uses for it. So, if you have any suggestions or products you'd like me to play with just leave a comment and I'll be sure to check it out.

Lara xo

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