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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


As much as we hate to admit it, the time is very much upon us now as most schools have already gone back and university terms will begin at the end of this month. Whilst I haven't done my proper uni shop yet, I have begun picking up some bits and pieces as and when I saw them. In keeping with the student-esque 'I have limited money', I have been very conscious of only buying practical items but still that I would be happy to be seen with! So without further ado here's a small haul of what I deem some of my uni essentials.

A Waterproof Coat

Living in England, we have to accept that rain will be a given in autumn/winter and with the reliance of lifts from Mum now being taken away, it was about time I didn't place all my faith in a £2 umbrella. This mac has small, bright pink flamingos on which admittedly very much sold me from the start. It was also (and still is) in the sale; another great plus meaning it was only £10 instead of £20. Even better, it actually works! In the recent rain we've been having I've trotted around in this and successfully remained dry. I do wish the hood stopped at protecting my hair though rather than my entire face and causing slight visibility problems. And when you're done, this coat handily folds into its pocket making it extremely lightweight and easy to carry around in your bag which brings me onto . . . 

A Bag That Will Not Destroy My Posture, Actually Fit My Stuff In and Not Disintegrate in the Rain

Catchy title - I know. I am guilty of many bag crimes over my school years; telling Mum that yes this bag is big enough then proceeding to carry most my books in my arms all year, choosing one made of canvas then drying textbooks on the school radiator and carrying so much stuff in my bag that now one shoulder seems to permanently droop. Well no more I say. This rucksack from Accessorize is large enough to fit in A4 folders (and more than one I add), made of plasticy coated material so will be shower proof at the least and will be possible to carry for when I wish to cycle from my accommodation to lectures with considerably less balance issues. Accesorize also offers 10% student discount and despite being a rucksack it doesn't look like I'm about to set off on a D of E trek. An all round perfect bag I think.

Sensible Footwear

Sticking again with the waterproof theme I really did need some practical shoes that would stay on my feet, be comfy to walk more than 2 steps in and be suitable for most weathers. It seems all my shoes end up being from New Look but once again they've provided a shoe that ticks all the boxes and you know they're good shoes when the first time you wear them they don't rub at all. I chose these Patent Chunky Lace Up Brogues in burgundy because they're still subtle enough to go with nearly everything but if you did want, they are also available in black. New Look is another store offering student discount but even at full price of £24.99 they're well worth it as even my Mum commented on how good quality they looked. (Rest assured though I will still insist on wearing my heeled boots as often as I can manage this term!)

Pretty Stationery

Perhaps not a necessity to everyone, but definitely something that appeases me! I will still be doing a much larger stationery shop but for now I have a basic purple ring binder and the main feature, this beautiful set of 24 different colour sharpies. It really does make me feel so happy every time I look at it! The purple folder really was only bought so I could save £10 on the sharpies meaning they only actually cost me £6.99 (and getting my Financial Maths practice in that means they're around 29p each.) I'm definitely going to end up labelling absolutely everything using these this year.

And that's it . . . For now. Let me know what you think of these things and when you're off to school/uni. At least getting to shop before hand makes the pain of going a little bit less!
Lara xo

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